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Hello, I want you to help me create an app for fitness industry. You can see the model how I want it to be on the app store, on the app: workout for women. I want the skelet be the same but better. I want also to have a place where you can hire you personal trainer or nutritionist to work from home with you, or face to face(depends on the place you are). In the app all videos, trainings and programs will be with a small cost that is charged monthly. We can speak the details when I see you price offer. Thanks ! I allready have colaborations with triners and nutritionists
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Social Media Platform Development
Healthub will be a one-stop-for-everything fitness social media platform in which users can sign up into one of two categories: A follower or a creator. Creators will be people with online fitness businesses where they can: Share their favorite products/protein/supplements etc. An alternative to a website in which athletes/professionals can engage with the customer/community for all their fitness needs. Creators can advertise and sell their meal plans/fitness plans etc. on their profiles and also offer free advice, whether they support vegan or keto etc. and even share their story to becoming fit. Followers will be the average user, someone who is trying to get fit and is looking for a way to engage with the community and ask questions etc. The app will have a way to track calories. The app will have a fitness Q&A page in which can answer hot topic questions about the fitness industry in order to garner more followers. I'm looking for a serious and powerful app that is innovating and worthy of revolutionizing the fitness industry.
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Plz create a school app
Hy, I am Aaryan and i want you to create a "MBS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" App for me with login page and full access to teachers, having test feature. Chatting, Online Class and more...
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School App
i am the owner of school.I want to create app so that my students can get news,online work ,they can submit their work and get in contact with us.
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Travel destination app
Need help creating a Travel destination app
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Math4U app
The app will give all information regarding engineering mathematics.It will help students for competitive exams.
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this app, covid-19 disinfectant services will be provided
In these unprecedented times we are facing, to help our communities/nations reduce the number of covid-19 cases, I have an ideal mobile app that can contribute towards fighting this cause. With this app, covid-19 disinfectant services will be provided for free when you first sign up, upon the purchase of any cleaning package, which will be done with agents that specifically helps fight against the corona virus. i will further discuss details. Looking forward to hearing from a professional
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an app is to provide a safe space for sexual assault, abuse and rape victims
This an app is to provide a safe space for sexual assault, abuse and rape victims. It isn't associated with a business. I have a very low budget, but I am having some problems, specifically trying to design my chat room page. I just NEED help ASAP. Thanks!
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Want to create an app
Want to create an app for my business. People should be able to learn and order all my products, and to contact me.
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