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Herban Essentialz
We just need a basic app for our Canna Affiliate Program We are Canna Affiliates that partner with other CBD and THC companies and promote and advertise thier products. I need About Me Products Services Website Contact Us Blog Sales
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put together an app essentially being an E Book people
I'm looking to put together an app essentially being an E Book people can have on their phone to look at images i've designed from a self help journal i put together i'm wondering if there's a way they could write onto a template and save that page to their phone too any information or help would be appreciated
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hello, good night I have been trying to do some steps to make the purchase of the application which I am creating could help me with information whatsapp +573125323667
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subscription based fitness app with multiple workouts and videos
create a subscription based fitness app with multiple workouts and videos. Allow to go live once or twice a week
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Service Booking app
I need a app where customers can book the service like Ac maintenance, Plumbing maintenance, electrical maintenance. Customer will submit his request with his location.
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Making a E commerce application
Making a E commerce for a specific area control with multiple Store features . Also need custom design .
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create video training courses that I will drip feed into the app
I want to create video training courses that I will drip feed into the app. My customers must pay for every course and module that that I release. One course could be up to 25 videos and another will be broken down into 3 modules comprising 24 videos per module.
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انشاء طبيق لمعاملت تجديد رخصة الدفاع المدني اولا رفع طلب عبر الطبيق الاسم التجاري رقم الجوال ارسل موقع المحل وارسال صور
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Language Portrait App
Hi there I need to do research during Covid-19. I would usually present a participant with a piece of paper that has the silhouette of a body on it for him/her to colour in. The act of colouring in is a metaphor for their view of their languages roles in their lives. So this app needs to have one picture that can be coloured in in detail - with "crayons" or any fine lines and should ideally also allow one to add text to the picture, e.g. what language each colour stands for. Thanks!
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اريد تطبيق لمدونتي للنشر وعندما انشر شي في المدونة ينتشر ايضا في التطبيق واتمني ان يكون التطبيق اسمه NewNews
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