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Help With Building the App
Need an App that will allow to book services/person and be able to charge account and then collect money at the end of service
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I run a furniture business and i want an app where i will be able to upload my finished jobs and place them for order. Finished jobs such as chair, sofa, center table, stools, beds, kitchen cabinet , wardrobe, book shelves , TV stands , e.t.c. However, i will be able to put a price tag on this jobs when they are uploaded. Simply put, i want an online furniture store app for my furniture business.
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chachanehruhighschool learn app
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school online learn
for children
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تتمكن من سماع لي موسيقا ونشؤ موسيقا
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app creation
app creater
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Need E commerce App
We are in need of an e commerce site to sell our building materials
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Ecommerce Project needs an App
The Corner Store is an online grocery store that focuses on local produce and offers a multi-vendor platform that allows customers to shop at multiple stores, pay once, and have there purchased items delivered to them at a convenient time for them. We need a simple user friendly app that looks great in order to compete.
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I will need a HTML/JC of a video conferencing widget , user or patient can select a medical profession and take video consultation . Is that possible, what will be the cost
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App creation
I would like to hire a professional to create my companies app.
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