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How to make an app

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Founded 2003
Location Aley Industrial Zone
Award we are ranked among the top local companies in the sector by providing innovative solutions and guaranteeing high quality in manufacturing and execution.
Alumil international building system
Hueck-Hartmann German series thermal break system. Sidem deluxe.
Stainless steel accessories
Stainless steel/ SteelStructures,Steel and aluminium Sub frames
Aluminium composite panels/ Insulated composite panels,GX-GXI/FX-FXI/MX/MC,GB/FB,FBi/FBCi,MV,MVv, GT/GTI,TEC,PTS.

Our Mission is to expand the market share with an acceptable profit and to be one of the top leaders in the local market. Company Overview ALUMEX is a company specialized in Aluminum,Steel,Glazing and Roofing works.
Our main goal is to offer our clients the best product,with the highest quality and the most accurate service.
At our workshops in Aley,we have contributed for more than 11 years in the building progress in Lebanon. Description:
Consequently our dedication to deliver high standard or work has induced us to set the following quality management standards:
1. High quality raw materials from the most reputable and reliable manufacturers and suppliers.
2. Foreign consulting companies and agencies that continuously provide Alumex with their latest achievement and technological advancements.
3. Technical research team that are always on the move seeking new aluminum profiles,installation techniques and system.
4. Dedicated engineers that supports Alumex's client with all technical specifications,structural plans,calculations and shop drawings.
5. Experienced workshop and on site supervisors along with highly trained craftsmen and installation workers.
6. Through studies of projects that requires information acquisition,excessive calculations,planning,testing and assessment. Basic Info.
7. Safety:the safety of our workforce is a priority.We are committed to the highest standards of safety consistent with international best practices in construction.

How to make an app
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