Searcy Church of the Nazarene publication of the app

I have already used one of ibuildapp templates to design what we, as a church want. The pastor elected me to put together an app and make it available to the people. We are a small church that want to do what big churches can afford to do. We have a pastor and a children’s pastor. I am the children’s pastor. The pastor reviewed what I put together and approved it and ask that I publish it. That is where I have messed up terribly. Google Play was easy and the app is already available on Google play. But Apple keeps rejecting the publication of the app. Somehow, when I was filling out the paper work for publishing, I managed to fill out the paperwork as an individual instead of a company. I can’t seem to get anyone to help me and show me where to go and how to fill out the information correctly where this app will no longer be under my name but under the name of the Searcy Church of the Nazarene. Even though, I don’t think it can because the D-U-N-S number for the church has the church listed as Nazarene Church INC or Church Nazarene INC. (I would have to look that up again.) I paid out of my own personal money, (because the church don’t have that kind of money) to Ibuildapp $1400.00 for what I thought was going to be what I needed to pay to get the help I needed to publish this app. Instead, I have learned that the help I got was of no help. And I am out $1400.00. That is frustrating to say the least. So, I am sending this request to see how much more I am going to have to pay to set up our church company name and transfer the app that I have build from my name to the church company name. The apple tech that I talked to said that I could set up the church as a company and then I could transfer this app that is in my name into the church company name. But, I CAN’T GET ANYONE TO HELP ME GET THAT DONE. So, what am I looking at? How much are you going to charge to get the Searcy Church of the Nazarene set up as a company and help me get the app that I have built transferred from my name to the church’s name and then published with Apple?
gönderildi July 20, 2019 12:39 PM
Ülke United States
Firma Adı Searcy Church of the Nazarene
Sektör Nonprofit
Çalışan Sayısı 2-10

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