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need to create an application for shopping customer can request order
I need to create an application for shopping customer can request order and they will receive next day from 8 to 10 AM or 8 to 10 PM the customer have right to choose which time is better for him i will focus on famous hyper
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Fab Fitness
Simple Layout as with the template I've attempted to build via the Website. Need to Book classes by the hour and added to the Shopping Cart
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We are a grassroots political organization and this app supports our membership via a daily newsfeed and gives access to our podcast, schedule, announcements, etc. It is used as a recruiting and informational tool.
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Fitness MD
Looking to have a full service app. Workout Videos, Product Highlights, Retail sales, class schedules, training, etc.
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Jay Gurudev Chile
Es para relacionarse con la comunidad Chrishna de Chile
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Task At Hand
I have an errand service company and I need an app that customers can use to request service for their tasks to be completed.
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Greater Destiny Church App
We are looking to design an app that is easy to access our videos and posts from social media and for the people of God to know more about our mission.
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Pata miziki mpya zenye ubora na zakupendeza hapa hapa johnpetlo-app
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YouTube channel
My apps nice applications
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