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To make a shop
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Какая стоимость разработки приложения
Какая стоимость разработки приложения, поясните как вообще работает приложение, мне нужно разработать вплоть до поиска и загрузки в арсторе и плеймаркет
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تطبيق يتيح للعملاء تلبيه احتياجاتهم و توصيل الطلبيه الى منزلهم . تطبيق يكون به خريطه للمناديب و يرى العميل اقرب مندوب له و يتواصل معه من خلال التطبيق و تقديم اللازم
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A car taxi game that you drive people and take them to their destination all over the USA,
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Buenas tardes, me gustaría tener un marketplace. Tambien quisiera añadir un admod de recompensas. y poder valorar lo que gano con ello para dar una recompensa al usuario. necesitaria una forma de mover dinero, hacia el usuario, y del usuario a mi. Gracias
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quiero poder conectar por whatssap
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Healthcare and Insurance field
I need your support for the e-payment once any adherent choose a plan to submit to it. As well as how it would be possible to make the same app operational on the Android system, without working all issues from scratch. On the other level, I need to submit it to the app stored on iOS and Android. Thank you for your support. Best,
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Update with some Custom Features to App
Hello. I was wondering if I could get a quote on updating our radio app. We have been running into a few issues. Here would be the scope of work. 1. We would like the share button to include links to our app and not to our stream link. So for example, The text message should include these: App Store: Google Play: Instead of the stream link of or whatever it is. 2. The audio doesn't start playing immediately when you hit the play button... it takes a few seconds... we are guessing that this is because the stream is buffering... we would like a buffering icon to show up where the play symbol is while buffering and return to the equalizer while the stream is playing. 3. The comments button doesn't seem to be working... It's unclear as to whether or not this is going to fall under iBuildApps current scope. If I can get a quote to do this work... that would be great. Thanks
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ayub mir
job related
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Spotlight Education
This is a place for your child to learn new things, make friends, and have fun in the process. You can go to different states such as New York City or San Francisco, and learn some new things when you're there. For more information please visit Mrs. McDaniel at DCMS (Desoto Central Middle School) during the school year.
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